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In his 2019 World Youth Day address, Pope Francis said “Young people, speak to us and challenge us, they make us realize the lights and shadows of our community, and with their enthusiasm they encourage us to give responses in keeping with our times. They are the fertile and new soil that God gives to Christian communities.”

Our parish community has the ability to impact the life of countless young people, while at the same time being impacted by the service and life of the same young people! In an ever changing world, as the Pope mentioned, one of the most important things is to have a faith community who welcomes, supports, and encourages young people! 

That is one of the missions of our youth ministry. Both Junior Youth Ministry (grades 6-8) and Youth Ministry (grades 9-12) involve the collaboration of different service projects, youth sessions, prayer and fellowship activities to help our teens grow in their relationship to Jesus Christ, the Church, and one another. Our service projects help them to grow in charity by utilizing their time and talents towards the needs of our church community and those outside of it. Our youth sessions are a time of prayer, community, catechesis, and FUN! These sessions held on the second and fourth Sundays of each month are events where our teens can grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and their friends. Through learning about their faith, sharing their own understandings of faith with each other and through prayer where we respond with our whole self to the Fatherwho revealed Himself through his Son. 

Lastly during our yearly retreat, for the high school students, we will take time from the business of life to look back on our faith journeys through this year and see where we have grown in our discipleship to the Lord, what is stalling our relationship and helping them to know their vocations in life. These ministries are fans for sustaining the fire of faith blazing in the hearts of our teens and young people, so that their own witness will lead to the growth in God’s outreach to the world, through His Church. 

Our youth minister, Sr. Debra Marie, is always open to questions, comments, and new ideas!

Contact: Youth Minister, Sr. Debra Marie by email here or by calling her at 330-372-2215.