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The Baptism Welcome committee provides a Keepsake Box, along with a welcoming and congratulatory card from the Joy Apostolate. The card pledges our love and spiritual support to the newly-baptized as he or she experiences joys and encounters challenges throughout life. The box will contain a copy of “My Baptism Book,” a baby hat crocheted by one of our parishioners, and a discount certificate to encourage parents to explore a local religious book store so it can become a useful resource in the future. The newly-baptized (family) will be encouraged to use this Keepsake Box also to store photographs of his or her baptism day, Baptismal Certificate, Baptismal Candle and Garment, as well as other remembrances of this special sacrament. In the future the child is encouraged to include additional items and photographs that will commemorate his or her spiritual growth throughout life. Teens and adults who are baptized will be given a spiritual book along with the welcoming and congratulatory card.