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The Journey of Grace women’s prayer and reflection group began in 2016. We began by meeting monthly for fellowship, prayer, and reflection. At every meeting we visit and spend a few minutes of retreat with a video meditation offered by Loyola Press. We read and reflect on the scriptures using 2 different resources: one from Sacred Space, An Ignatian reflection and another reflection offered through LPi. We reflect on the previous week’s readings. All of our meetings end with prayer.

We are able to support and get to know the women of our parish in this way. We occasionally plan a social gathering for a picnic or lunch/dinner out. Women of all ages are invited to be part of this group. There are no outside reading requirements. You can come any time that it works for you. We meet in the afternoon but are willing to add an evening option if needed or requested.

During this year of the pandemic, we have been meeting virtually on a weekly basis and have been able to stay connected to one another in this unique way. All women are welcome to be a part of this group!