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An apostolate is a lay ministry group which ultimately serves the community and carries out the mission of Christ and the church. The JOY apostolate is consolidating and enhancing Blessed Sacrament’s ministry to our grieving and ill or hospitalized members AND to those who have new babies and newly baptized members of our parish. We endeavor to show support and care for our members and the community, through the joys and also the challenges in their journey through life. JOY stands for Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself last. This group provides welcome to families with new babies, newly baptized, and sends cards of support and prayer when families face the challenges of illness and death. Members of the “food ministry” are delivering a meal of soup and bread to those at home who are recuperating of facing chronic illness. This apostolate also reaches out to the homebound with prayers, phone calls, cards, and communication through periods of isolation and loneliness. Please join us if you want to participate in ANY aspect of this ministry, as we reach out in support, sharing the JOY of the Gospel. Please fill out an Apostolate volunteer form at the bottom of the apostolate pull down menu. If you know of someone in our parish who could benefit from any of these ministries fill out the request form at the bottom of this page. We hope that many will participate as we reach out and serve our parish.

Know of someone who could benefit from support from the JOY apostolate? Click here to fill-out an on-line request.